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Work 1-1 with fx professor to take your trading to the next level with proven trading system that will help you make profits


This Is Like Introducing A Catalyst In A System, For Traders Who Want To Speed Up & Scale Their Trades



Private Meeting With Fx Professor Or Forexlyfe Experts

Have you ever wished you could have a wise mentor or adviser to turn to when you need them the most? Well, at Forexlyfe we have got mentors that all set to help you improve your trading or investing.

Lifetime Mentorship

It takes a lot of work to have the life you truly want and to realize your trading potential. Our mentorship program, life-long and proven, will teach you how to become an exceptional trader and reach your trading goals. Our mentorship program is not just an education in trading and risk management, but also in life. We teach you how to become a better trader, a more disciplined person and how to achieve your goals through hard work.

Ray n Mentee

Access to Discord Community (Fx Professor's inner circle)

Come on board, and see how the inner circle (Big Boyz) share ideas and executes trades. Joining the group gives you access to learn how to trade profitably as you trade with fellow traders within a lively community of experts members who have executed profitable high-frequency strategies and hold expert knowledge in indicators that are useful in the market.

Bi-weekly Call Sessions

Stay connected with Fx Professor and team on call once in two weeks as we unravel the complexities and the impossible of the market together. We’ll dig into your techniques and show you EXACTLY where the biggest candlestick movers are. Then pop into a breakout room where you can get specific help on strategies, and everything in between.


Monthly Zoom Sessions

Join Fx Professor on a new kind of webinar. Zoom sessions are bespoke, intimate and engaging conversations. Together we peel back the complexity of the market and discover its secrets. We’re here to help! So whether you want to discuss your approach, ask a specific question or just hang out with Fx Professor and his team once a month, the Zoom sessions are where it’s at.

Assessment and Certification

Master Forex Strategies, complete the assessment and Get certified by us. Our certification is globally recognized and our students so far have developed money management skills, and grown standard profitable portfolios under our tutelage and after.