How I GREW Into A Consistently Profitable Trader


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Pay attention to the word ‘GREW’, Just like a new baby born today does not grow into an adult immediately after being born, consistently profitable traders do not become profitable overnight. It took me years to become profitable and all the while I was not making money from the market, I was learning and evolving as a trader. I was going through the different stages of learning the art of technical analysis, trying out different strategies, making profits, and constantly losing it back to the market with my emotions scattered all over the place. But the one thing I realized early was that having a good risk management plan keeps you in the game long enough to become profitable. I was risking less than one percent of my trading capital on my trades. As I began to understand the market cycle better, I discovered that the major challenge I had was with my trading psychology. I used to be scared of losing and taking my own trades even though most of my trade setups moved in the direction I anticipated. The breakthrough came when I started to adjust and made the decision to take my trades regardless of the outcome. Although it was not so easy at the beginning, but I ensured that I was consistent with planning my trades and trading my plans. And because I was risking less than one percent, the profit was not much but I was gathering them little by little. They say ‘little drops of water make a mighty ocean’, right? The little drops in profit have eventually afforded me the opportunity to live life on my own terms which I am really grateful for. Making money and having the time to attend to family and other important things without restrictions is priceless.

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