Why Joining A Trading Community Is Key! 


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We recently had an open discussion with the students where they shared some of the strengths and weaknesses they experience in their trading career. From talking about how to handle winning trades, losing trades, greed,  fear, technical analysis, and much more, we were able to give some concrete step-by-step approach on how to scale through and turn the odds in your favour. As some students pointed out what they had struggles with, some others affirmed that they were experiencing the same things. This goes to show that whatever challenge you think you are going through, someone else is also going through the same thing. Being in a friendly environment where everyone is free to share their opinion without fear of being judged is a huge sigh of relief to the traders as they know that they are not alone on this journey. The Webinar session is on our Youtube page, click below to watch https://youtu.be/P1fitIszdfg and let us know in the comment section if some of the things discussed resonate with you. We would also appreciate it if you like and subscribe to the channel.

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